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IRIS stands for The Institute For Research in Integrated Studies. Founded by Chris Waterman in 2002 IRIS provides new perspectives on critical issues affecting the public sector, written by leading thinkers in the relevant fields.

See below for a list of our current books available. If you’d like to order a copy please contact us and/or send a cheque in the post. For queries, or to request other information, please click here.

Re-Imagining Education in England: A collection of short articles by experts on how school education in England can be developed: edited by Chris Waterman and Georgina Newton

Price: £13.50 / ISBN: 978-0-9566709-3-9

A Capital Idea: An approach to maximising the value of capital investment in local communities: by Chris Waterman

Price: £20.00 / ISBN: 0-9546078-1-3

Original Sins: A perspective on selection for primary school in England: by Chris Waterman

Price: £6.00 / ISBN: 0-9546080-1-3

Natural Selection: Access and accessibility to primary schools in England: by Chris Waterman

Price: £6.00 / ISBN: 0-9546081-1-3

Sins of Admission: A perspective on the school admissions process in the light of the draft Code of Practice: by Chris Waterman

Price: £6.50 / ISBN: 0-9546079-1-3

All Inclusive: Moving beyond the SEN inclusion debate: by Rona Tutt & Tricia Barthorpe

Price: £6.00 / ISBN: 0-9546080-1-3

Free Admission? A System on Report: A response to the draft schools admissions code, with particular reference to the Admission Forum annual report: by Chris Waterman

Price: £6.50 / ISBN: 0-9546079-1-3

Motivation and Agency in Social Work Practices: Halos and Horn, Paupers and Princes: by Chris Waterman

Price: £10.00 / ISBN: 0-9546084-1-3